Perennial Container Garden Ideas

Perennial Container Garden Ideas. How to create a perennial container garden. Those that prefer neutral soil like it between 6.5 and 7.5.

The Polished Pebble Container Gardening Pretty Perennials
The Polished Pebble Container Gardening Pretty Perennials from

Perfect for a sunny spot, this container is packed with shades of pink, purple and green. You can definitely plant perennials in the containers you currently have, but if you’re buying new, shoot for something bigger. 10 pics about garden decorating ideas:

Make A Container Water Garden With A Large Ceramic Bowl.

If there’s space, tuck a trailing plant on each side. Prepare your planting bed by loosening and turning under the soil to a depth of 8 inches. Why not create a perennial container garden with plants that come back year after year.

This Succulent Garden Is A Perfect Example Of Having Individual Plantings In Single Containers, Allowing Each To Reflect Its Unique Leaf Shape And Form Complemented By The Architecture Of The Container.

This romantic favorite makes a lovely container planting with its silvery foliage and fragrant blooms and leaves. The tallest, showiest plants (thrillers) go in the middle of the pot. From fall container gardening to hanging container gardening and even indoor container gardening—we’ve got tons of container.

Dracaena Or African Iris (Center Spike), Pink Geranium, Mixed Color Trailing Petunias, Green Sweet Potato Vine.

They may cost more than bedding plants initially, but grow into substantial plants that you can later transplant into the garden. Don’t cast out the idea of growing herbs and vegetables in hanging baskets. See more ideas about garden, plants, container gardening.

Add Soil And Bulbs, Such As Hyacinths And Tulips, In The Fall To Your Containers.

15 small flower gardens around trees. Perennial container garden with spurge, salvia and an artichoke in bloom. When using perennials in containers, keep in mind that their root systems are larger than annuals so you’ll need to use a bigger pot that holds more soil volume.

Rest Assured That You Can Grow Annual Flowers, Vegetables, And Even Many Perennials In Containers Just Like You Would The Ground.

Repurposed garden fountain container idea As you would with any container planting, make sure the pot you choose has drainage holes and. Balcony or rooftop container garden ideas.

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